Waste Not Want Not

Food waste facts in the UK, and globally are shocking. The SeeWoo UK ‘Waste Not Want Not’ campaign launched in March 2018, reduces its food waste whilst helping the refugee community here in the UK and across Europe.

SeeWoo UK regularly delivers  products such as instant noodles, eggs and fresh vegetables including Choi Sum and Pak Choi from its head office in Park Royal, London to sites in Camden and Calais working with Together100 and Donate4Refugees.

WRAP research shows that the UK manufacturing and retail sector wastes 1.9 million tonnes of food and drink a year, 1.1 million tonnes is avoidable.  SeeWoo UK is leading the Oriental Food Sector to encourage other businesses to join the campaign and address the issue of waste.

Stanley Tse, Chairman of SeeWoo UK said “I know what it’s like to be hungry, I grew up in the New Territories in Hong Kong and my family were very poor. My mother, a widow, struggled to bring my brothers and I up on her own. We were lucky to always have a roof over our heads and food on the table, we never wasted anything. It’s terrible that there’s so much waste nowadays, there would not have been the same level of waste decades ago whether in Hong Kong when I grew up or in the UK.’

Lucy Mitchell, Managing Director of SeeWoo UK said “I was really excited to meet the team at Together 100 / Donate 4 Refugees because I could see the perfect opportunity for a partnership which will put our vision to reduce our waste into practice whilst helping those in need. Our first donation has left for France today with RCK (Refugee Community Kitchen) where it will be used to feed the homeless refugee community in Dunkirk.’

Together100 commented ‘If by reducing waste we can reduce someone’s hunger and discomfort then this is a fantastic win win situation for all involved.  It’s this kind a compassionate & intelligent use of resources that will make a real difference to refugees who often survive on the bare minimum. Together100 are so delighted to be part of this project and to help with making the connections & swift links to ensure that nothing goes to waste.’

Together100 is a voluntary grassroots group that connects people and teams to get aid to desperate refugee families in Europe and the Middle East that believes in making the greatest impact with whatever is available, as quickly as possible. Established in 2015, they have assisted in getting food, clothing and project funds to refugees in Syria, France, Belgium, Italy, the Greek Islands and Lebanon. 

Donate 4 Refugees get much-needed aid to the vulnerable men, women and children stuck in Europe’s refugee hot-spots. They do this by fundraising to award grants to a growing network of grassroots volunteers who are on-the-ground mobilising critical humanitarian projects providing refugee men, women and children with their daily needs for life.


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